Dank Tunes | Valorous Edition

<p>ヅ Join me for another Dank Tunes as we navigate our way through the galaxy while enjoying some beautiful and valorous music!&nbsp;♫</p> <p>♪ 00:00 - Atmosphere ♪</p> <p>♪ 00:25 - Adventure Time ♪</p> <p>♪ 03:44 - Clubbed to Death ♪</p> <p>♪ 08:39 - Epiphany ♪</p> <p>♪ 10:48 - Follow Your Dreams ♪</p> <p>♪ 13:35 - Amaranth ♪</p> <p>♪ 17:22 - Novera ♪</p> <p>☊ Headphones strongly recommended as video is produced with this in mind! ☊</p> <p>♡ Be empathic and embrace love!&nbsp;♡</p> <p>Bluedreamgaming.com | #Empathyisthesolution |#Bluedreamsupreme | #Danktunes</p>