HighStance - Episode 4 : Toxic Breakups/Searching for Grape Backwoods in my Hood

<p>Hey-hey!</p> <p>The first 7 minutes is me rolling up, and searching for a Grape backwoods at 3AM in the morning lol.</p> <p>I&#39;ve been trying to make this video for years and still didn&#39;t get to tell my experience EXACT way that it happened but, I&#39;m okay with this. Now that I have finally uploaded some form of my story, I feel like I can start fixing my poetry book again. I kept struggling to make art for the book and write more for my first book because it&#39;s honestly hard for me to talk about it. Most of what I shared is literally like 10% of what happened. I remember when I shared this with a group of my &quot;old friends&quot; and many of them just didn&#39;t care or laughed. Only 4 of them were real ones and the rest I cut off. I&#39;m sharing this because it&#39;s time to go back to not caring about what people think and creating things that makes sense to me.</p> <p>ANYWAYS- we still got a few HOT DAYS left which means we finding more places to SESH in NYC!</p> <p>Vegas September 6th-10th :-D</p>