Stronger than bullets

Stronger Than Bullets is a rousing rock & roll story about the sheer power of music to elevate the human spirit above even the direst of circumstances. After being banned for three decades, a defiant music scene emerges amidst the bloody Libyan revolution of 2011 to overthrow the tyrant Moammar Gaddafi. As the war rages around them, musicians rise and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, guitar to rifle, alongside rebel fighters, striking a chord for freedom. Coming out for the very first time, they rock the very foundations of the tyrantÕs regime with crunching power chords, thumping beats, and the voices of the street. But after the revolution is won, Libya soon descends into the abyss of chaos and extremism, and the musicians once again must retreat to the shadows. Yet the fire of hope remains for, in their words, "Strings are stronger than bullets.