Sushant Rajput death: Why Kangana Ranaut hasn't given statement to police yet

Following the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, among those who have come out in the late actor's support is colleague Kangana Ranaut. However, she is yet to record her statement with the police despite willing to do so. Lawyer Ishkaran Singh Bhandari revealed the reason why Kangana is yet to state her side of the story before police. He said that Mumbai police asked her to appear at the Bandra police station following Sushant's death on June 14. However, Kangana has been in Manali since March due to the Covid pandemic-induced lockdown. Bhandari said that Kangana has asked a police official to either visit her Manali residence to record her statement, or do it virtually via a video link. Kangana has claimed that although she and Sushant never crossed paths, she had learned about his ostracisation in the film industry, and had been told that the late actor faced a lot of 'humiliation', including negative press.