Hathras Ground Report: Is victim's family ready for narco test? Here's the reply

Even as outrage grows over the alleged gang-rape, torture and subsequent death of a Dalit woman in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras, the government has ordered a narco analysis of those linked to the case, including families of the accused, the victim, as well as police personnel. Hindustan Times' Shiv Sunny travelled to Hathras to speak to the victim's family. Reacting to the narco test announcement, they said that although they had nothing to hide, the act of questioning the relatives of the victim was highly objectionable. They also countered the police's claim that the gang-rape charge was levelled by them after a lengthy delay. The family said that they informed the Superintendent of Police about the rape once the victim regained consciousness, but they didn't get a receipt of the complaint. Watch the full video for more.