Grav Android

Want to enjoy a Grav Android yourself? Find it here! This episode of the 420 Science Club is a unique one. The guys have encountered some glass unlike any other out there. A revolutionary, first-of-its-kind, all in one smoking apparatus. Enter the Android from Grav Labs. With its sophisticated "ship in a bottle" design, the Android is the for the connoisseur who wants it all. Upgrade to the ultimate piece featuring two pipes in one. The upgrid Inline has the perfect chamber for taking fat flower rips, while the dab rig within has a clean and simple perc with minimal drag and smooth milky hits. WARNING: The Android's easy access and simplicity can lead to excessive, mindless, overindulgence. The Club gives the Android a spin to see what all the fuss is about and find themselves doing "Switch-Hits" until they burn the place down. Ok, so the only thing they burned was their stash, but it was still a close one. Enjoy this episode of the 420 Science Club and see for yourself just how amazing the Android from Grav Labs really is!