Replacing Spark Plug seals on 94 Honda Accord DX

<p>Replacing spark plug seals on 94 Honda Accord DX</p> <p>Spark plugs covered in oil.....means your seals areallowing oil to leak in the spark plug chamber an therefore causing them to misfire or not fire at all.... Fixing this issue requiresthe Rocker arm assembly removed. To do this we must remove Spark plug wires,Spark plugs, Distributor CAP,the valve cover and Rocker arm assembly to replace rubber seals found located in between the upper engine block and under Rocker arm assembly. After replacing seals a (Torque wrench) is needed in addition with bolt tightening sequence to properly reassemble engine.</p> <p><a href="#">Torque Specs and Order Sequence</a></p> <p>**(This constitutes as a minor overhaul) **</p> <p>Smoke sesh break at 11:12 just after a tool breaks on me... For all the functional stoners out there cheers</p> <p>Thanks for watching an don&#39;t forget to hit that subscribe button with that like button if you enjoyed this video an found it helpful</p>