STRIKER VS DEFENDER - Winning Soccer Drills

STRIKER VS DEFENDER - Winning Soccer Drills. Former National Champion Player and experienced youth coach Eric De Sousa demonstrates a drill teaching both how to score goals in a 1v1, and how to defend a striker in a 1v1, in this soccer training video. Two players, one striker one defender, start next to each other about 10 yards behind the 18-yard box, facing forwards. The defender starts laying on their chest, while the striker is on their feet. The coach, standing behind them, plays a pass forward between them. Both players will chase down the ball. As the striker starts on their feet they will reach the ball first, and must look to get forward and score as quickly as possible. The defender starts behind as they lose time having to stand up, and must look to chase down the striker and put them under pressure, ideally getting in front of them before they shoot, to stop a goal from being scored. This soccer drill is important because it replicates a common and critical scenario. Strikers must be very confident and practiced at dribbling and finishing in a 1v1 with the keeper while being pressured by a defender from behind. Defenders must be equally rehearsed on pressuring a striker from behind and obstructing their shot. Being practiced in this situation will make the difference between a goal and no goal frequently. This attacking and defending soccer drill is worth practicing at all ages once players are already comfortable shooting while dribbling at speed.