Opening Keynote - John Entwistle, Jr. - The Full Spectrum Conference 2022

<p>John Entwistle, Jr. has been a cannabis activist since 1982. He has organized events and demonstrations in cities across the United States to keep the dream of legalization alive during the dark days of prohibition. In 1987 John moved to San Francisco and began working with Dennis Peron on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic. In the years that followed John and Dennis started the first Cannabis Buyer&rsquo;s Club to distribute cannabis to AIDS patients as well as others in medical need. John worked by Dennis Peron&rsquo;s side while he drafted, qualified and passed Proposition P (San Francisco &ndash; &rsquo;91), the nation&rsquo;s first medical marijuana initiative. They went on to put two medical marijuana bills on Governor Pete Wilson&rsquo;s Desk both of which were vetoed. John was central to the drafting and subsequent passage of Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. When the Cannabis Buyer&rsquo;s Club was finally closed by Federal Injunction in the very late 1990s John &amp; Dennis started a demonstration farm in Lake County, California to grow cannabis firsthand with patients, all of whom participated directly in the activities of that farm. They retired from farming after several successful years and after fielding two separate raids from the Federal DEA. The high visibility success of that farm changed the way cannabis is grown in Northern California, bringing the crop out into the open following decades of subterfuge. John authored a book recounting the stories behind the original Cannabis Buyer&rsquo;s Club and the role of cannabis in the early days of the epidemic. That book is entitled &ldquo;Memoirs of Dennis Peron. How a gay hippy outlaw legalized marijuana in response to the AIDS epidemic&rdquo; and is available through John also dropped into City College to earn an Associates in the Sciences degree and upon taking an interest in Chinese language and culture John earned a Bachelor&rsquo;s degree (Cum Laude) in Chinese in 2011. Today John is directing the Dennis Peron Legacy Project (<a href=""></a>) to memorialize his spouse Dennis Peron who passed away in January of 2018. Conference Page: <a href=""></a> Thank you to our sponsors Diamond Sponsor: The Cannabis Alliance<a href="http://"></a> Rainbow Sponsors: Buddies <a href=""></a> Heylo <a href=""></a> Nekktar<a href="http://"></a> Pax <a href=""> </a>Seattle Bubbleworks <a href=""> </a>Viridian Staffing <a href=""></a> Facebook <a href=""></a> Facebook Internal Group <a href=""></a> Instagram <a href=""></a> Twitter <a href=""></a> Linked In <a href=""></a> YouTube <a href=""></a> Weed Tube <a href=""></a></p>