In our 1-Touch Soccer Passing Drill with Shoulder Checks, powered by FITLIGHT®, we’re going to teach you how to master reactive receiving using lights. The purpose of the drill is to work on AWARENESS, DECISION MAKING, and the FIRST TOUCH. Initially, the player begins with the ball, with the coach positioned directly in front of them, and two lights behind the player on both sides. Both of the lights are powered off. The player 1-touch passes back and forth with the coach (can be a rebounder), while checking their shoulders. At one point, one light will activate either blue or red (the other stays off). If blue, the player should pass back and check to the light. If red, the player should turn and dribble to the light. In order to make this decision, the player must check both shoulders in between every pass. Players should stay light on their toes, and play a firm one-touch pass back to the coach. They should check both shoulders after every pass. When the player sees that a light is activated, they must quickly make a decision based on its color. By using FITLIGHT®, this drill puts players in a situation where they must stay aware of what’s around them, think on their feet, and make a sudden & decisive decision. This drill could also be done with a rebounder instead of a coach. Perform this drill with a coach for 30 seconds, and use the FITLIGHT® app to see how many lights are deactivated, and players can also track how their score may improve over time.