Covid update: Antivirus ACs in Parliament; USA clears new test; jail hotspot

From special preparations at Parliament to ensure a safe monsoon session, to a prison in Kerala turning into a hotspot - here are the top news updates on the Covid-19 pandemic. To prevent spread of the virus as India's legislators meet at the Parliament, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation in the air conditioning system, and polycarbonate sheet separators are among the tools set to be used. To ensure social distancing, Members of Parliament will be seated across the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, the galleries of the two Houses, and the Central Hall. Special cables are being laid between the two Houses to ensure audio and visual connectivity for smooth conduct of business. In Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram central jail, over 350 inmates have been found to be infected in just a week's time. India has had over 25.8 lakh positive cases so far with over 49,900 deaths. The country's fatality rate, i.e. the ratio of deaths to the total cases, has declined to 1.93%. India's recovery rate has improved to nearly 73%. This is the ratio of discharged patients and the total cases. In international news, companies from Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed an agreement for joint research on Covid. This news came just days after the two nations made a surprise announcement about normalisation of relations. In the United States of America, authorities have cleared a new type of saliva-based diagnostic test for use.