TWO-TOUCH PASSING - Winning Passing Drills • Ages 10+

TWO-TOUCH PASSING - Winning Passing Drills for Ages 10+. Former National Champion Player and experienced youth coach Eric De Sousa explains a drill for perfecting two-touch passing, a critical football skill. Two players stand opposite each other, each behind a cone. They pass the ball along one side of the cone, and the receiving player takes one touch to bring the ball to the other side, and a second touch to pass the ball along that side. In the second variation, they pass the ball through the cones to the other side. This football passing drill will help players master two-touch passing and is relevant for players of every position. Players will learn to play faster and more accurate passes, and be able to move the ball much quicker in a match. Players should first focus on accuracy and clean touches when starting with this drill. As they get more comfortable and are reliably keeping the drill to two-touches, they should begin to speed up the drill and play faster passes. Once that becomes comfortable as well, the cones should be moved further apart.