Day 8 of Vlogmas (Snow Bong Rips)

<p>Its snowing!!! I woke up this morning to over a foot of snow and I&#39;m getting baked in it. Packed up Envy and took a few snow filled bong rips! This is one of the most fun I&#39;ve had with a video yet, smoking in a winter wonderland. Thanks for watching, leave a like/comment and Stay Blazed, Stay Dazed.</p> <p>All music rights go to CASEY CALHOUN, FAVORMUSIK Songs: Snow Dayz - Casey Calhoun Snowed In - FAVORMUSIK Follow these artists on Soundcloud and Bandcamp! Casey Calhoun: FAVORMUSIK:</p> <p>Follow me on Social Media:<br /> Instagram: BlazedxDazed369<br /> Tumblr: BlazedxDazed<br /> Snapchat: Bzdazecarter90<br /> &nbsp;</p>