OWNING THE ANGLES - Winning Goalkeeping Skills

OWNING THE ANGLES – Winning Goalkeeping Skills. Former Division 1 Goalkeeper, Brian Galvin, teaches a drill for young goalies adding angles and save techniques to stance and hand positioning. Start the keeper in the middle of the 6 yard box, facing forward in a relaxed position assuming the ball is out the field. Once the coach shouts ‘drop’ the keeper drops back to their line into ready stance. When the coach shouts ‘angle’ they move to the side past the post and into their ready stance, with an angle to the ball covering the near and far post. Have a server volley the ball to the keeper chest high for them to catch. Alternate the drill with low balls and then a shot requiring a diving save to either side. Switch to the other side of the field and goal to build skills in both directions. Practice this drill daily, with 8-16 reps per side in sets of 4. This drill prepares young goalies for match situation positions, angles and shots.