Family Surprise Dad With His College Roommate Who They Met On Vacation | Happily TV

A dad couldn’t believe his eyes when his family happened to bump into his college roommate while on vacation overseas and then decided to plan a surprise meeting between the two friends. Bryan Patterson, 53, was left shellshocked as he walked into the reception of the resort he and his family were staying at in the Dominican Republic. There, he saw his college roommate, Chris Tapper, who had met Bryan's wife Carie and daughter Caitlyn through pure chance. In order to plan the surprise, Caitlyn called her father and said he needed to come to the lounge area quickly, as she had something she needed to show him. Then, Caitlyn captured a video of their chance reunion on March 28, 2022, on her cellphone, later sharing it on social media to a viral response. The Patterson family live in Peachtree City, Georgia, but had no idea Chris was set to be in the Dominican Republic at the same time. Chris and Bryan lived together while studying at Lane Community College, Oregon, and over the years since they have kept in touch.