The Dank Arisen S2E3: Dab & The Beast

<p>*NOTE: season 1 is on my youtube*</p> <p>Good ganja and hello my dankers! Your home slice Martin here and welcome to another episode of Dank Arisen. After leaving Sister Kush at the abbey, Tobias &amp; Lord Edwin spent the next several hours getting lost in the woods. No surprises there. But these woods become so soothing to the higher than shit bros right here. Lord Edwin starts to think they&#39;re lost. That&#39;s because they are. Until they run into Bambi&#39;s cousin, Dabbi, who&#39;s also high on that Gransys grass. Tobias watches in awe. I believe Dabbi thinks Tobias is a predator, considering the wolf hood that&#39;s on his head. Oh for fuck&#39;s sake Dabbi, that is a tree dammit! What a goof. Anyway, Tobias becomes paranoid that these deer are out to get him so he makes haste to the north while Lord Edwin struggles to keep up; most likely due to the fact that he has not wake &amp; baked yet. No problem, the real challenge awaits. Tobias notices ghastly beasts below: a chimera and its goblin minions! The dank brethren waste no time and make arrows rain upon the doomed fucks before jumping down into combat. Tobias rips through the goblins first, while Lord Edwin conjures up some good shit to distract the lion snake goat mutant. Coming to his aid, Tobias is instantly cast down by the green mist of the snake&#39;s rotting breath! He thought he had smelled the last of this kind of horror, but alas, even beyond Bitterblack this putrid stench festers. Lord Edwin casts a holy mint enchantment over their weapons to use against the beast, and it proves quite successful! Good riddance. The brethren collect the fruits of their labor, as well as some dank shrooms from a nearby tree. They decide to head east and try to get to the nearest town. An hour later, Tobias still has no fucking clue where he is and decides to stop for a snack. It&#39;s obviously the best opportunity to try those fresh shrooms they caught earlier, and also have some ganja ale from his beloved wife, Selene. Lord Edwin comes running from behind a tree he likely pissed on and warns Tobias that they are being watched. It sort of feels that way actually, being this ass deep in an open area. Oh my, who could that be? A pathetic little duo of rogues? Tobias has zero time for this piffle when good kush is waiting to be had. What&#39;s this? Loneflower? That&#39;s one of the rarest buds in Gransys! These two dankers will definitely make use of that baby later on. For now, Tobias and Lord Edwin find a strange settlement down below. Check it out next time on Dank Arisen! :]</p>