THE PERFECT TEAM GOAL PATTERN. Former National Champion Player and experienced youth coach Eric De Sousa demonstrates a team passing to crossing and finishing pattern, in this soccer drill video. The pattern involves two overlaps, a cross, and a finish. Three players start in a triangle around the bottom of the midfield circle. The player on the top starts with the ball. This player passes to the player on their right, and makes an overlapping run down the right wing. The second player one-touch passes to the third player, and makes an overlapping run to the far post. The final player makes a one-touch through ball pass to set up the first player making the run down the wing, and proceeds to run to the near post. The first player running down the wing slightly curves their run to the outside and then inside to meet the through ball, and crosses it in using one touch. They should focus on approaching the ball with their head up, and selecting one of their teammates to be the target of their cross. Wingers and fullbacks will take their game to the next level if they can master getting their head up before a cross and picking out a teammate deliberately. The crossing player should aim in front of their teammates to meet their run. One of the two running players will then finish with one touch. The whole drill should be done with one touch passes. Rehearsing this pattern will help players get into the habit of passing and moving, making dangerous runs off the ball, and looking to transition from midfield possession into a dangerous attack. Players should look to replicate the pattern in game.