Ruger American New Shooter Academy Season 2: Episode 3

Ruger American New Shooter Academy Season 2: Episode 3 In episode 3, Kyle trains with Brett, the husband & father of the family. Kyle first discusses the safety & mechanics of the SR22 that Brett will be shooting. They start out with some presentation drills on target to assess his accuracy, then move on to steel targets a little further out with the Security-9, drawing from the holster. After Brett’s performance, Kyle provides these takeaway tips: Have a good grip on your handgun before drawing it from a holster Acquiring a good sight picture is important. So is properly and consistently squeezing the trigger. Practice the basic mechanics of handling your firearm. Know your handgun functions and be comfortable with it. Practice drawing your handgun from a holster when doing your range drills. About the Series: Host Kyle Harth, Firearms Instructor, US Army Special Forces, provides firearms training to a family of new shooters. These individuals will receive specialized training to develop their shooting skills with Ruger firearms, while having fun, safely, together as a family. Ruger American New Shooter Academy Season 2 is presented by DeSantis GunHide. #ransaS2 #ransaS2E3