USE VARIATION TO HOLD SERVE - Learn How Milos Raonic Dominates The Court

USE VARIATION TO HOLD SERVE - LEARN HOW MILOS RAONIC DOMINATES THE COURT. When you feel the pressure of your opponent returning well and find it hard to hold serve, you should use this effective high percentage variation to regain and maintain control as the server. In this video, watch Cesar Wicha Castaneda share an important serving tactic that he used on the tour for ten years with players like Maria Sharapova, Kei Nishikori, Milos Raonic and Xavier Mallise. The kick serve should be used not only as a second serve, but also as a 1st serve variation to surprise your opponent and force them to return from the doubles alley. Now you have positioned your opponent in such a way that you have an open court to take control of the point!