Easy Toilet Plunger Method For Digging Steamers (Clams)

Andy Nabreski of On The Water walks us through a unique way of gather steamers...with a toilet plunger. Steamers go by many names, including piss clams, softshell clams, and Ipswitch clams, but no matter what you call them, they make an amazing dinner that you can catch yourself on the tidal flats of New England. The toilet-plunging method keeps from crushing these delicate shellfish, ensuring they'll be in perfect condition to to steam, soak in butter, and chow down with an ice-cold beer. Clamming for steamers is allowed year-round on Cape Cod, but they seem to taste best when the water is cold. For more information on this, and other shell fishing, visit https://www.onthewater.com/toilet-plungers-piss-clams