EYCE Beaker Bong Unboxing & Review

<p>Today, I unbox &amp; review one of my most recent pieces The Eyce Beaker! A bong that is durable, and still rips. In this video I show you exactly what is included in with the bong, what makes this product extra unique, and I also share my personal opinion on the product.</p> <p>Grab yourself an Eyce piece at <a href="https://boomheadshop.com/?ref=63">https://boomheadshop.com/?ref=63 </a></p> <p>use code: BEYONDBOOM to save $$</p> <p>LIFETIME WARRANTY <a href="https://eycemolds.com/pages/lifetime-warranty">https://eycemolds.com/pages/lifetime-warranty </a></p> <p>The Beaker Includes</p> <p>Platinum Cured Silicone Body</p> <p>Large Hidden Container</p> <p>Hidden Rolling Tray Magnetic</p> <p>Ring Lighter Holder</p> <p>14mm Borosilicate Glass Bowl</p> <p>Diffused Borosilicate Down Stem</p> <p>Ice Catcher</p> <p>Stainless Steel Poker</p> <p>Have a fantastic day, love y&#39;all for FREE!</p> <p></p> <p>FOLLOW ME BEYOND</p> <p>| INSTAGRAM | <a href="https://www.instagram.com/beyondthebuds/">https://www.instagram.com/beyondthebuds/ </a></p> <p>| Beyond The Bud MERCH SHOP W/US | <a href="https://beyondthebud.kincustom.com/?_ga=2.166046653.242006312.1595195061-807295432.1570497606">https://beyondthebud.kincustom.com/?_ga=2.166046653.242006312.1595195061-807295432.1570497606 </a></p> <p>| EVERYTHING ELSE | <a href="https://linktr.ee/Beyondthebud">https://linktr.ee/Beyondthebud</a></p>