MASTER THE ONE-TOUCH PASS. Former National Champion Player and experienced youth coach Eric De Sousa demonstrates a drill for one-touch passes, as well as the proper technique behind the soccer skill, in this soccer training video. Two lines stand across from each other, 2-3 players per line, with 1 ball. The first player passes the ball to the opposite line, and jogs around to join the back of that line. The receiving player then one-touch passes the incoming ball to the line opposite them, and jogs around to join it. This pattern is repeated. Players should make sure to use their planted foot to aim towards their target, lock their ankle, get their body over the ball, and have firm contact with the middle of the ball for a sharp and on-the-ground pass to their teammate's feet. Mastering this soccer skill and learning how to one-touch pass is an essential for all players and positions. It is the quickest way to pass and often needed to retain possession while under pressure, as well as break through the opposing defense while on the attack. Players should practice one-touch passing at all levels from youth soccer to professional soccer, as it is one of the most important skills.