Nugporn, New Glass, and Inside Dreamers Dispensary

<p>Highh, so New Years Eve I treated myself to another Horny Stoner purchase, because there was an end of the year 50% off sale so I sought out the largest glass they had after testing the shipping waters with mini glass last month in December. I havent hit something of this size in years, and it is so exciting to dribble drool again , while I learn how to gage clearing this thing haha.</p> <p>The &#39;macro clip-on phone lens&#39; made getting a closer view possible for this video, and that was also a late gift from Santa, around New Years. My Co Star (free app) horoscope a few days ago said &quot;theres a diffrence between obsession and devotion&quot; and it makes me sad to be misunderstood... I truly needed these gifts from the universe now more than ever...In other news thou I have been obsessed with purple weed ever since I knew it existed in 2011 or 2012 when first finding it. Peanut Butter Breath will have to be my new favorite for now... thou it sure makes me sleepy. What indica do you like at the moment? Comment below so I can search a few for research purposes. Highly recommend Dreamers Cannabis in Southampton, Mass again, they were so nice to me and supportive towards my medication goals. They enabled me in the best way and encouraged the quick video recording(s) for sharing … with this being my first upload of 2022, after my Vlogmas recap, I would like to try to stay existing here every other Thursday or Wednesday.. TrainWreck starts with T and W kinda, sooooo either day of the week, I will do my best to continue sharing my life here on The WeedTube with all my love always</p>