Nine Siblings Secretly Recreate Cheesy Family Photos From 19 Years Ago | Happily TV

Nine siblings surprised their parents by secretly recreating an "awkward" family photoshoot they had undertaken 19 years earlier. Abigail Schmitz, from Hennepin County, Minnesota, said parents Steve and Carrie are impossible to buy gifts for, so she and her siblings started working on a creative alternative to the traditional options. Back in 2004, the nine siblings had undertaken a photoshoot, which resulted in a portrait that had been hanging in the family's home ever since. Having seen a trend online, where friends or family take awkward photos at JCPenny, Abigail, 21, and her siblings decided it was the perfect surprise, using the 19-year-old images as inspiration. With all of the siblings back in Minnesota over the holidays, the group secretly headed to their local store on December 28, where Abigail documented the photoshoot and the fun the siblings were having. Abigail posted a video of the shoot online where it immediately went viral, but fortunately Steve and Carrie were oblivious to the social media success. On December 30, after they siblings had received the images back, the group decided it was time for the surprise itself, blindfolding their parents before the big reveal.