GRWM to Go Sit in my Living Room & get High! | Bakedbeauty420

<p>Hello my beautiful buds! Say what I&#39;m actually uploading on a thursday! Yes hunny I am trying to get back on my normal uploading schedule! In Today&#39;s video I decided its been wayyy to long since I have last uploaded a makeup look. I know we can&#39;t really go anywhere because of this whole quarantine but a beech still wants to feel &amp; look cute! So I figured why not lets just get ready to go sit in my living room and get high! I also tired my very best to be super informative in this video on how I do my makeup! I always am getting questions about how I do my makeup &amp; how I got so good. I hope you guys enjoyed this video &amp;most of all I am hoping you are staying healthy and safe during these crazy times. Sending all my love and positivity always! xoxo Bakedbeauty420</p> <p>Where else to find me?!?!?</p> <p>Weedstagram<a href=""></a></p> <p>Tweeder<a href=""></a></p>