Grow 2 - Week 12/13 Harvest

<p>Time-Lapse of week 12 and 13 for my second ever grow.</p> <p>Final video in this series.</p> <p>She had 2 days in darkness, and then chopped and hung to dry for a further 2 days. At this point, most of her colas were chopped and placed in either a Shoebox or a brown paper bag, with a final 4 colas being hung again (not enough space in the box or bag).</p> <p>A great haul. Trimmed bud 74.79 grams (2.64oz) Trim and Kief 30.57 grams (1.08oz)</p> <p>Many thanks for following along.</p> <p>Breeder : Silver Leaf</p> <p>Variety : Cr&egrave;me Br&ucirc;l&eacute;e Auto</p> <p>Soil grow (BioBizz Light Mix).</p> <p>No audio</p> <p>Grow log on AFN (Auto Flower Network)</p>