Painfully Cannabis - Cannabis and pain management, how can cannabis help you?

<p>In this episode of the New Age Cannabis podcast we give a perspective of Cannabis in aiding and assisting with Pain Management. This episode looks at using cannabis in as a complimentary, adjunct or supplementary therapy for dealing with pain and for pain management in cancer patients, sports persons and general chronic pain.</p> <p>----------------------------------------------</p> <p>New Age Cannabis takes a fun, intelligent look at cannabis culture, applications, science, business, and more, from an African perspective. We meet with phenomenal, quirky and brilliant guests who are business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and professionals who are involved in the cannabis sector directly and indirectly. After listening to the New Age Cannabis will leave you absolutely, positively, incredibly enthusiastic about the endless capabilities of what some refer to as &quot;the God Plant&quot;. You will walk away from the podcast armed with loads of information, from cultivating, growing and harvesting cannabis to better understanding the endocannabinoid system to the laws governing the production and sale of weed/marijuana/hemp/pot/bud. Learn all bout cannabis and its legalisation across the continent from Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.</p> <p>----------------------------------------------</p> <p>Be sure to follow us on Social Media</p> <p>Facebook: New Age Cannabis Podcast T</p> <p>witter: @NewAgeCannaPC</p> <p>Instagram: @NewAgeCannaPC</p> <p>Reddit:u/NewAgeCannaPC</p> <p></p> <p>Visit our online store:</p> <p>----------------------------------------------</p> <p>African perspective,Health &amp; Wellness, Cannabis, Hemp, CBD, THC, Marijuana, Weed, Endocannabinoid, Cannabis podcast, Cannabis policy, Medicinal cannabis, Mmemberville, Cannabis Community, Pain Management, Complimentary Therapy, Cannabis as a Complimentary Therapy, Cannabis as Adjunct Therapy, Cannabis as a Supplementary Therapy, Cannabis &amp; Cancer, Cancer Pain Management, Sports Pain Management, Cannabis lifestyle, Coping with cancer, Chuma, Chuma Makunga, Dr Makunga,</p> <p>----------------------------------------------</p> <p>The views and opinions expressed by guests and hosts appearing on the New Age Cannabis Podcasts are not necessarily the views of, or endorsed by, New Age Cannabis Podcast or our sponsors and affiliated stakeholder&rsquo;s.</p>