‘India’s economy likely to return to pre-Covid levels by..’: Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh spoke at the 93rd FICCI Annual General Meeting and said that the Indian economy has bounced back considerably from the slowdown brought about by the Covid pandemic. Rajnath Singh said that the Indian economy is likely to return to pre-Covid levels by the end of this fiscal year. ‘Doomsayers started making prophecies that it will take India two-three years to get back on the track. But we proved them wrong. India bounced back in no time. In Q2, India recorded 7.5% contraction in its GDP. It was a significant improvement in the 23.9% contraction that we witnessed in first quarter,’ the Defence Minister said. Rajnath Singh also added that the agriculture sector had been able to avoid the adverse effects of the pandemic and assured farmers that no retrograde steps would be taken in the farm sector. Watch the full video for all the details.