Hybrid Mini eNail

<p>Ready to ditch the torch? Get perfect dabs at the perfect temperature over and over again with the Hybrid Mini eNail. The eNail allows you to set what ever temperature you would like and holds that heat as long as the eNail is on! It is the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to find the correct temperature with a torch or is sick of having to heat the banger before each dab. You&#39;re already spending a lot of money on your concentrates so why risk burning them and wasting those terps? The Hybrid eNail features a unique quartz dish that screw into a titanium nail that will fit any rig&#39;s joint. In this video we show you everything that comes with the Hybrid Mini eNail, how to assemble it, a meltshot, and how to keep this piece clean.</p> <p>Shop Mini eNails here: <a href="https://yodabbadabba.com/product/mini-enail/">https://yodabbadabba.com/product/mini-enail/</a></p> <p>Check out our eNail FAQs: <a href="https://yodabbadabba.com/dabbing-resources/enail-faq/">https://yodabbadabba.com/dabbing-resources/enail-faq/</a></p>