THE PASSING CIRCLE. In this soccer training video, Virginia State Cup Champion and U15 Boca Head Coach Tyler Cornelio explains a fundamental soccer passing drill to help any team improve. A group of players start in a circle, one starts with a ball. They will pass the ball to a teammate, and follow their pass to take that teammate's place in the circle. That teammate receives the ball with their first touch, and with their second touch passes to another teammate and then follows their pass. The players should make sure to communicate, keep their heads up, and keep the drill to two touches. To make it more difficult, a second ball can be added. This forces players to pay attention, communicate, and make effective decisions so that the two balls don't end up colliding or being passed to the same player at the same time. This drill helps soccer players improve their two touch passing, their movement off-the-ball, their communication, and teaches them to play while keeping their heads up and scanning the field to make decisions. It makes a great warm-up or start to any soccer practice, and at any level where players are already comfortable with two touch passing. If players are still learning how to pass in soccer, the first variation with one ball is a great way to practice. Once players are comfortable with the fundamentals of two touch passing, they can move on to the second version with two balls, which will help players improve their field awareness and take their game to the next level. Variations of this soccer passing drill can be used at all levels, from youth soccer to professional.