Growing Kush with SilkySlim416 Episode 6

<p>In This Episode Of Growing Kush with SilkySlim416 we revisit Big Bitch Blue Cheese Bertha On The Balcony &amp; continue LST as well astake some clone cuttings. We will also take a look at the flowers in my grow tent and take care of the weekly garden update.</p> <p>If You Like The Content You Can Always Follow Or Message Me on any of these other socials or just drop me a line and let me know how your gardens going you can even send me a pic.</p> <p>Instagram - @SilkySlim416</p> <p>SnapChat - @SilkySlim416</p> <p>TheWeedTube -@SilkySlim416</p> <p>ForBrand/Media/Sponsorships/Promos Only Email: SilkySlim416@GMAIL.COM</p> <p>Growing Equipment and supplies:</p> <p>The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky 180 Wideband LED -</p> <p></p> <p>