‘People seem to be practicing ‘buy the dip’ more than ever’: Mirae Asset’s Swarup Mohanty

Mirae Asset Investment Managers CEO Swarup Mohanty tells Alisha Sachdev, Assistant Editor, Mint, that the retail investor is ‘buying the dip’ more than ever – in the backdrop of rapid digitsation and a pandemic-induced flight to safety, the mutual fund industry has benefited from an increase in inflows in a far more structured and penetrated manner. Mohanty adds that retail investors are choosing to stay put with their investments, and are even doubling down on investing in mutual funds. As a result, they’re able to reap the benefits of seeing the markets through its rises and falls and create wealth in the process. He added that Mirae Asset has not seen net outflows in their funds for the last 7-8 years.