Making Infused Honey | Easy method- Cooking with concentrate

<p>Easy Infused honey recipe using CBN isolate.</p> <p>Learn how to make cannahoney using the ingredients below:</p> <p>Infused honey is a versatile and easy infusion to make.</p> <p>Infused honey is water soluble so it&#39;s great for adding into beverage and also for any cannabis infused dishes.</p> <p>Cannabinol aka CBN is a cannabinoid that is use as a natural sleep aid for some users. CBN may combat pain, and stimulate appetite.</p> <p>Ingredients to make infused honey: Honey. 1/2-1cup Isolate 0.5-1g MCT Oil Powder 1/2 tbsp ? Follow On Social *? Instagram - <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqa1pqeDZhQ1FDQzYxSC16MmxxcmFaWnhWbmMyd3xBQ3Jtc0trcVlodjBVQWx6aVRTV0VqaC1YNGpHRXlzWWJ6M0QxN3U5TFMzcWNiQVJiU2tZM0QxUjBRYXBwMVRZZ0IwUE9ETmFid1hrYk1YSFZHdVNjYkR6V0ZrcGdWVTFndVg4cWFSTDlldkk1TnBYck9uenFWdw&amp;" target="_blank"></a> Website: AHLEAF.COM Subscribe now - <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqbG5ZMXNfZUxOenJTemlUTnBYVWVCVGFzaGRLd3xBQ3Jtc0tuQ2R3bzhjcF9adnVQeFhMd2hjdjNLQUFFdXdBMFNOTXFmQk1mZXVHbHViME5pQnBMTm9pdHU3NkJ5bmNUUFN0S1Q0TUhvZjdocXpjb3ZZREFQX0MzanhNaFAyU0xxWmN6Nk9ZUzR3RDZUNW5RX2prMA&amp;" target="_blank"></a></p>