I'm Going to Quit Smoking Weed (Not Clickbait)

<p>Ello friends thank you all for coming to watch this video. Ya know over the last 6+ years of being a cannabis advocate and ambassador, I&#39;ve smoked my fair share of weed. Lately my life has been changing in a lot of ways and my relationship with cannabis and the way I use it is one way that has needed some change for a while. In todays video I talk about why I&#39;m quitting smoking weed and how I will still be incorporating cannabis into my life.</p> <p>I wish all of you only the happiest and best of days!</p> <p>Participate in Canna4Climate, the NEW STONER HOLIDAY: www.canna4climate.com</p> <p>Check out my book: www.beingfoundbook.com</p> <p>Follow me:</p> <p>Instagram: @arendrichard</p> <p>Twitter: @arendlovesyou</p> <p>TikTok: @arendlovesyou</p>