MASTER POSSESSION WITH THE RONDO. Former National Champion Player and experienced youth coach Eric De Sousa demonstrates two variations of how to do the Rondo training exercise, a great soccer drill for mastering possession and passing as a team. The number of players on both the outside and inside can be tweaked to increase or decrease the difficulty, as shown. Outside players are aiming to keep the ball by passing around the square or circle. The inside defenders are aiming to either win possession or knock the ball out of play. The outside players should be limited to either one or two touches, depending on the number of players and desired difficulty. Professional football teams like FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich often conduct the rondo with a circle of outside players, each having one touch, and two defenders in the middle. The rondo makes a great warmup and start to any football practice, and variations can be applied to make it appropriate for all skill levels and ages. Players should focus on communicating, keeping their heads up, and playing firm but accurate passes that make the receiving player's next move easier.