Weed Grow Operation Set Up - Grow Op Lights

<p>Learn what equipment you need for a weed grow operation set up. Learn why your plants need a grow op light, what lighting options are available, which option is best for the beginner or intermediate grower, and where you can find the equipment for purchase.</p> <p>VideoLesson Timeline<br /> Lesson Objectives - 0:36<br /> Is a grow light required? - 1:01<br /> Grow light options - 1:59<br /> LED benefits and drawbacks - 2:05<br /> HID benefits and drawbacks - 2:41<br /> CFL benefits and drawbacks - 3:53<br /> Best value light option - 4:39<br /> Lesson Review - 5:39</p> <p>Full course videos available on the official channel - youtube.com/indicainstitute</p> <p>FULL EQUIPMENT LINK: https://www.indicainstitute.com/equipment_recommendations_all.html</p> <p>#indicainstitute #growop #growequipment</p>