Siriusxm Marine

When filming an offshore episode at On The Water TV, we have to make the most of any narrow weather window that opens up. Without compromising our safety. That's why this season, Chris and I decided to add Sirius XM Marine to our On The Water TV Boat. Compared to the spoiled fishermen down south, we have a short offshore season here in the Northeast. Couple that with our notoriously fast changing weather and that season gets trimmed down even further. This allows us to view current or forecasted conditions right over our charts. It helps us evade incoming weather and make the call to go fish or hang at the dock. The wave feature shows a color coded display forecasting the height, period, and direction of waves. The offshore winds forecast provides a graphical model of the wind speed and direction. With this we can view the current conditions overlaid on our charts or the forecast up to 48 hours ahead. Almost as important as the weather is the updated sea surface temperature map. Sirius XM provides this showing one degree increments either as a color contour or text running over your map. Lastly, we can suspend our SiriusXM marine subscription up to six months a year to make sure we're not paying to see that offshore weather when we're more likely to be ice fishing. For more information visit