Are You Ar Mortgage Broker Looking For Quality Leads

Are you a mortgage broker, that relies on leads from referral sources??? If your business relies on referral sources providing you leads… before you can make money… And their business slows down…. So does yours. Are you sick of relying on your referral sources as your main source of income? When they go on holidays, your income drops... Are you tired of waiting for referrals from your clients? Unless you're proactive, they don't give you leads... Do you have the time or the money to figure out social media advertising? It changes every day... what a painful process. Do you have the time to do a course on online marketing? You probably prefer to process loans...or deal with "Apply Online"... and we all know how much fun that is... Do you have the sequence of messages necessary to re-engage the leads who enquire, but don't buy right away? You should… because it can take up to 8 touch points before a “buyer” becomes a client… Do you have a way to scale your business without automated lead generation? Bottom Line... Do you have a fully AUTOMATED lead generation system that works day & night 24/7 ??? If you’re frustrated with not getting enough loan settlements each month... Because you’re not getting enough qualified leads to develop your business... But you know you need a consistent flow of leads to make it happen…. but you’re not an expert in marketing or copywriting… you haven’t got the time to learn a new course... don’t have the technical skills and don’t want to learn them. You just want to get on with writing loans Then this is for you. This is NOT for mortgage brokers that desperately need leads tomorrow… This is NOT for mortgage brokers that are looking for a quick fix solution… This is for mortgage brokers that are prepared to pay for advertising to promote “their own brand” and build their business. This is for mortgage brokers that want a long term automated lead generation business model. Just click the “GET STARTED" button below to apply and we’ll help you start your automated lead generation program.