Real Cannabis Stories #4 - Joanne Griffiths - ''Cannabis Medicine has given my son a better life''

<p>In this episode of Real Cannabis Stories #4 I get the chance to chat with Joanne Griffiths.</p> <p>Joanne is the mother of Ben who was diagnosed with intractable drug resistant epilepsy as an infant. After years of anti-epileptic drugs being unsuccessful in their attempt at controlling Ben&#39;s seizures Joanne took it upon herself to find an alternative medicine which led her to cannabis.</p> <p>Since trying several CBD oils with varying success, Joanne was given full extract cannabis oil from a friend and the results were immediately noticeable, giving Ben greatly reduced seizures and a higher quality of life as a result.</p> <p>Now, Joanne campaigns with other parents to try and get Ben&#39;s medicine funded through the NHS so they no longer have to fund raise and pay large amounts of money to maintain Ben&#39;s medicine.</p> <p>Support Ben on Facebook on his #BoisterousBen page :</p> <p>Support the channel here:</p> <p>Buy my book, &#39;A Case for Cannabis&#39; here :;qid=1574417269&amp;sr=8-1</p> <p>Buy Cannaman comics here :;crid=1A85SAMKF73PU&amp;sprefix=Cannaman%2Caps%2C196&amp;ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_8</p> <p>Follow on Facebook @ Tubeasaurtoons</p> <p>Make sure and LIKE and SUBSCRIBE !!!</p>