Rachel Maddow: Democrats Disarming Themselves If They Won't Fight "Fire With Fire" After Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation

Following the swearing-in ceremony for Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Monday, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said Democrats are being "demonized" for trying to expand the Supreme Court and that if the party does not "fight fire with fire" they are disarming themselves. "What Senator Coons is talking about there in terms of rebalancing the courts is what Democrats are talking about, and they've tried to demonize this issue in the presidential race calling it court-packing and all of these other things," Maddow said Monday night on MSNBC. "But over the past eight years, Mitch McConnell in particular and the Republicans in the Senate in general have embarked on a radical transformation of the judiciary." "They did it through cutthroat tactics and radical, radical hypocrisy," she said. "If Democrats just decide they're going to live with those consequences and not fight fire with fire, they're essentially disarming themselves in politics and letting McConnell's way run things for Republicans and not for the other side." Maddow said anybody who is not expecting a "rebalancing" of the courts once there's a Democratic Senate and White House is "kidding themselves." "I think that when you let the -- when you force the pendulum that far to one side, it comes back, and anybody who is not expecting that once there's a Democratic Senate majority and a Democrat in the White House is kidding themselves. It's coming," Maddow warned.