LEARN HOW TO DIVE IN VOLLEYBALL Learn volleyball skills and volleyball practice from Dr. Gylton Da Matta, a member of the International Volleyball Federation technical development committee. The dive is an acrobatic defensive action in which the player projects the chest towards the grounds in order to reach a far-away ball. It requires a flight phase in which the landing happens with hand, chest, hip, and finally legs ( and in that order!). * Players must always keep their heads up and keep their chin high as well. In volleyball, Defense is the action that a team takes from the time the opposing team contacts or controls the ball until the ball crosses the net to its side and is either stuff blocked back to the opponent or controlled for an offensive play. Team defense is what a group of players does to keep the opponent from scoring or siding out. A team is on defense once the ball crosses the plane of the net to the opponent's side of the net, after a serve, after an attack, after a down ball, or a free ball.