Lobe-a-phobe Video Promo

Don’t Be A Lobe-A-Phobe! Unfortunately, we all know a Lobe-A-Phobe. Could be your teacher? Manager? The last person who tried to sell you something…unsuccessfully! A Lobe-A-Phobe is someone who only engages a few lobes of the brain when they present their Big Idea. In other words, they’re not using neuroscience! Being Brain-centric! Using the brain like a tool to get their Big Idea across! Brain-centric Design tells us that any time you’re presenting new information to an audience, you need to connect your Big Idea to all four lobes. In other words, when someone experiences your Big Idea through a variety of senses, lenses, and perspectives, they, and you, gain deep understanding. It’s not clever…it’s Science! It’s like having an adorable Irish Neuroscientist ready to give you ideas anytime you want them! Writers block is a condition. Being a Lobe-A-Phobe is a behavior! Stop that behavior! Make your next presentation, lesson, course, lecture, sales pitch, friendly advice, speech, report, focused conversation, strategy session, ideation, is deeply understood with Lobe-A-Phobe! That’s what you want!