Gravity Bong Hits and Gravitron Dabs

<p>We were surprised to learn that in the age of dabbing and vaporizing people are still making <a href="">gravity bongs</a>. We decided to have a trip down memory lane and make one of our own and test the legendary Gravitron out as well. We talk about making a gravity bong, and how to hit a gravity bong, spoiler alert, Gary isn&#39;t a big fan of smoking this way.<br /> __________________________________________________________<br /> We are 420 Science, your most trusted online head shop! We feature a variety of products to help you get the most of your smoking and vaping experience! From beginner to master, we can accommodate any need.</p> <p>Check out our new dedicated site:<br /> Join our mailing list!</p> <p>Sign up for our monthly contest giveaways:<br /></p> <p>Find us on Social Media:<br /> Instagram-<br /> Twitter-<br /> Twitch- 420scienceclub</p> <p>420 Science Main Accounts<br /> Instagram-<br /> Twitter-<br /> Facebook-</p>