Scarborough: If Trump Declares Victory On Election Night, We Will Not Broadcast His Speech

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist said Monday that if President Trump declares victory on election night before all the votes have been counted, their show will not broadcast the video of him saying he has won. "It is going to be a wild night," Willie Geist said. "He said we're going to flood the zone with lawyers, send them into Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin and we are going to dispute this election, no matter what happens he's already saying that. Meanwhile, there are some reports that say he could go out and declare victory as early as he can on Tuesday night. Of course, he will not have won, but he'll try to say it anyway." "We'll be doing coverage on Peacock and we can assure you if Trump declares victory we'll say, don't take the feed. It's not going to happen. We won't be part of any disinformation campaign, we'll be doing election coverage until midnight or whenever is over," Scarborough said, laughing.