Hemp Joint Product Review

<p>Once a month the Chronic Club meets up to review a cannabis product sold somewhere in Washington State.</p> <p>Join The Talking Hedge, Aging Ent, and Cannabis Legalization News as we judge some hemp joints.</p> <p>Last month, we rated High Tide&#39;s Face Mints an 89% and Juicy Joints a 78% recommended by a budtender from Craft Cannabis in Vancouver, WA.</p> <p>Guest:<br /> Michael Schroeder, The Aging Ent<br /> www.AgingEnt.com<br /> IG: @theAgingEnt_</p> <p>Miggy420, Editor-in-chief, Cannabis Legalization News<br /> www.cannabislegalizationnews.com<br /> YT: https://www.youtube.com/cannabislegalizationnews</p> <p>Host:<br /> Josh Kincaid, The Talking Hedge podcast<br /> www.theTalkingHedgepodcast.com<br /> YT: https://youtube.com/c/TalkingHedge</p> <p>CANNABIS JUDGING CRITERIA:<br /> Judge&rsquo;s scoring can be influenced by test results as well as the following 7 categories:<br /> Appearance<br /> Aroma<br /> Taste<br /> Strength / Effect<br /> Cure<br /> Quality / Care<br /> Branding / Packaging</p> <p>Music:<br /> Song: Beat | Keep On | 2020<br /> Artist: Milochromatic Beats<br /> &amp;<br /> Song: Dark Trap Beats Hard Rap Instrumental | Gang | 2018<br /> Artist: LuxrayBeats</p>