Chance Meeting Reunites American Adoptee With Biological Family In Vietnam | Happily TV

An American woman visiting the Vietnamese orphanage she was adopted from got the shock of a lifetime when a chance meeting led to her reuniting with her biological family. Melissa Brozier, from Columbus, Ohio, had only planned to visit the orphanage as part of a bigger trip to discover the culture of where she was born. Having been adopted through an agency, Melissa grew up in a predominantly white community, which, she said, provided her with a loving home and opportunities, but also led her to question her heritage. In Melissa’s teens, her aunt offered her an incentive she had also extended to other family members in the past: that if Melissa graduated high school, her aunt would take a trip to anywhere she wished. Having made it to college, Melissa decided she would simply like to take a trip to Vietnam, to learn about the culture and travel around. As that visit was due to take place over the holidays, Melissa decided she would also like to stop off at the orphanage she was adopted from, so that she could present children with Christmas gifts. Having made it to an orphanage in HoiAn that Melissa and her aunt thought she was adopted from, the pair started talking to a member of staff, expressing that they hoped they'd come to the right place. The man encouraged Melissa and her aunt to follow him to his office, offering little context before pulling out a big red book. Inside, Melissa saw her childhood photo, which she recognized as one of the few ties she had to Vietnam herself. The man then said that Melissa's biological family return to the orphanage every few months, leaving new phone numbers and addresses, in case she ever came back.