Prayer during Christmas Season Gathering with Elijah Cummings and City Temple Choir - 1998 - filmed by Caleb Crump -Blaze The Praise®

This Video is an anointed Prayer segment filmed by Caleb Crump during the Christmas Season of 1998. City Temple Church Choir in Baltimore, Maryland, along with the late Honorable Elijah Cummings (R.I.P), were singing for this special Christmas gathering. Special Thanks to the Minister who is conducting this powerful anointed Prayer. Also thanks to City Temple Church of Baltimore, their choir, Ms. Paulette Jones, and all who attended this Awesome historical Christmas Celebration Event. Big Shouts-out to Miss Smith (organist and friend to Caleb Crump's Mom). Love and Honor to Caleb Crump's Mom the late Elaine Crump who invited me to this event. Love You Forever Mother, Rest in Heaven. I miss You, Dad, and David dearly! Thank you all for watching and for your support of our Blaze The Praise® initiatives. Please spread the word about Blaze The Praise®, like and support us. God Bless You! --Caleb Crump Founder and CEO - Blaze The Praise®