Man Spends Four Days In Freezing Cold Trying To Rescue Stray Dog | Happily TV

A determined animal lover has shared his dayslong attempts to rescue a stray dog from freezing cold temperatures, returning time and time again and walking miles to try and coax her into his truck. When Will Logan, 39, from Fort Worth, Texas, first came across the pooch while on a construction job a few hours away on January 11 while the dog was rummaging around a series of dumpsters at the site. Initially, Will assumed the dog was from one of the nearby houses – but a colleague soon informed him that they had been hanging around the area for weeks, eating out of the dumpsters. A large freeze was set to hit the area on January 13, Will said, which would see the windchill drop to around –11 Fahrenheit (-24C) and potentially last for four days. At that point, Will decided he wanted to help the lonely dog, so after work, he sat in his truck and waited for it to appear. That first day, Will said, he walked around three miles after the dog, who was very skittish and would notice him, approach but then stay at least 100 yards away. Over the days that followed, Will returned repeatedly, bringing food, braving freezing cold temperatures, and hoping to coax the dog, whom he had named Dusty, closer and closer to his truck. Eventually, after miles of walking and days of trying for hours at a time, Will was able to make a breakthrough: he encouraged Dusty to get close enough to his truck before coaxing her inside through a different door.