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<p><a href="#">#ToppingTime w/ the Help from @soillife420_2 Broski &amp; @vivosun.official &reg; Precision Pruner/ Trimmers! Thank You!!! 6th week of Veg Update of my @ilovegrowingmarijuana_strains ILGM ilovegrowingmarijuana.com #HeroMixpack I&#39;ve learned Tons of Tremendous Tips along the way from All my Growmies and Growmets but #Soil has really showed us what to do and how to use our Grow Gear and Grow Areas properly and also to the Fullest! Yeah, we&#39;re still trying to Dial everything in of course! Lol Make sure you guys Check Out my Bro #Soillife420 on his YouTube and Instagram! He has Superior Styles, Terrific Techniques, Tight Tipz, Magnificent Methods, Great Growing Advice and isn&#39;t Afraid to Show it! Don&#39;t Sleep on how he Implements and Specializes in KNF #KoreanNaturalFarming and #NoTill living for his Grows too! He&#39;s also Sponsored by official.marshydro #MarsHydro + Team @tnbnaturals #TNBTeam and Finishes out some of the Best Bushes and Beautiful Budz we&#39;ve ever Seen! Your our Fantastic Friend, #BudBrothers4-L indeed and very Grateful to call you and yours our Family! I Love these plants different structures and shapes, thier Growing Up at a Rapid Rate and Stretching out! All the genetics #SkywalkerOG-Fem #BruceBanner-Fem #BlackWidow-Fem seeds look Amazing with the Tigerstripes, Shape and how Plump they are! I&#39;m Totally Satisfied! Thanks Again Team! Yo!!! They popped in under 24hrs in the wet paper towel method and now that they&#39;ve busted out of thier ProMix potting mix medium, I water them when dry with around 4.0 oz of Declorinated Tap water that&#39;s Ph&#39;d to around a 6.4-6.3 using TNB ph Up$Down and moving the water ring further away from the main stem! They&#39;re Growing under our Bodacious @bloomplusled #BloomPlus1500w with the 150w Done driver in our 2&times;4.5&times;7ft. GrowTank GrowCloset with the 18/6 lighting schedule cause Everything needs a little rest! Our Grows also get Enhanced with @tnbnaturals @tnb_naturals #TNBNaturals The Enhancer! I&#39;m Back and it&#39;s Showtime my fellow Growmies and Growmets! Check it Out! I received my ILGM HeroMixpack by Winning a $79 Coupon Code from my Broski @dr._weedman ILGM Giveaway&#39;s and after I added to it! Make sure you guys check out All the links posted in my Description! I want to throw my Broski #DrWeedMan @dr._weedman a Humongous Shout Out for hosting and sharing those Loaded Coupon Codes in his IloveGrowingMarijuana I❤GM Glorious GiveAways! He&#39;s an Awesome Friend and our #BudBrother indeed that Grows some Fragrant$Fire Fruitz! Cause he Grows some Fine ass Treez! He&#39;s also Sponsored by #ILGM and has all sorts of Growing Methods, Terrific Techniques and Tight Tipz to share for our Grows! Let&#39;s Grow! I&#39;m very Gracious, Thankful and Appreciate these Illustrious, Lengedary, Gorgeous and Magnificent genetics! Definitely Outstanding, EyePopping, Fantastic and Full of Fire!!! Make sure you guys Get on over to my Bro&#39;z #Soillife420 $ #DrWM Instagram&#39;s and YouTube&#39;s and Please #Follow #Subscribe $ #Hit that #Like button, if possible let them know I sent ya! #ILGM are Great Growers, Bodacious Breeders and Pleasant People that I&#39;m Glad to be apart of the Family/Team with! Don&#39;t forget to Check out the Downloadable #GrowBible by #RobertBergman that gives you step by step Instructions to Achieve and Flourish plants from starting Up a Grow to Finishing your Finest Treez with 30+ years of Experience, Top Quality Strains and Award-Winning Phenotypes! Robert Bergman is the founder of the incredible I Love Growing Marijuana company! Robert started his company 30 years ago in a home base set up with only 5 plants! He later expanded his business into a 14 person team! Now, I Love Growing Marijuana is a company that sells only the best seeds that the market has to offer! ILGM has a goal and that goal is to ensure that even a novice grower can grow the marijuana they want! The company also provides in-depth training resources for those that may have little to no experience! The company even sells a beginners kit to help get you started! ILGM sells all types of seeds from the popular indicas and sativas to newer seeds that no one has heard of! WORD!!! I Love Growing Marijuana also sells, fertilizers, plant protectors, and seeds in regards to the climate they will be Grown in! They also have a ? Germination warranty with Fast and Discreet shipping! I&#39;m Most Definitely Satisfied and Can&#39;t wait to get some of this #HeroMixpack Going and Growing! Your Strains are Powerful, Potent and Perfectly Priced! I Can&#39;t wait to Try out, Test and Review these Colorfully Crafted Cannabis strains to Enhance our Brains and Help relieve our pains! Thanks Again Everyone and Everybody! I also want to throw Miss #Claire a Humongous Shout Out for her being a Nice, Respectful, Honest, Very Professional Customer Service Representative! Check out thier #DetailedSeedscategories #SeedDeals #Fertilizers #GrowGuides #Journals #Forum &amp; #StrainReviews on thier Website SeedBank! Your a Fantastic Family and Tremendous Team!!! Thanks Again!!!??</a></p>