Ep. 2// DAB Reviews/// Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

This Week we reviewed Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie<br><br>WHERE THE 90s BABIES AT!? This one was definitely for the books. Who didn't love Hey Arnold! as a kid lol<br><br>Anyways<a href="https://....enjoy" target="_blank" title="....enjoy">....enjoy</a> the show, please follow all social media below<br><br><br><br>Instagrams<br><br>@smackedfactsent<br><br>@ngimanengelale<br><br>@thelovelyjai<br><br><br>Please follow the gaming channel as well!<br><br><br>Twitch<br><br>twitch.tv/smackedfactsent<br><br>